Thursday, February 24, 2011

I've pretty much given up on this whole blog thing. Ah well...


  1. Hey I just noticed that it's been exactly a month since I've last posted! Haha, that's cool.
    So yeah....

  2. Hi. First of all I want to say, I don't think you should give up. Until this morning (UK Time) I haven't really read any of your posts to be honest, but I was reading through them and I really enjoy them. It's interesting to see how you write, and hearing about what you enjoy. You sound so enthusiastic sometimes :). I look forward to reading more poems and random ramblings about your new books.
    Second of all, I want to thank you SO much. I don't really update my blog much, or come on it that much at all, so I haven't previously read all the comments you left on my writings blog. I was looking through them this morning and I needed to say thank you. It really does make me happy to know what people think about my writing but when the feedback is positive it makes me feel even happier :). So, for the third time, thank you :)

    Sorry if I seem like a huge freak by the way. And sorry about the huge paragraph.
    But, yeah. That's what I wanted to say, so maybe I'll be reading a new comment from you soon? :)
    Take care